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Without oxygen we would …

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Without oxygen we would be unable to survive.Nevertheless, how often do we appreciate or recognize our dependency on oxygen, our need for air?
In fact, one could theoretically go his entire life without ever thinking about the oxygen that he breathes. However as soon as one places his head under the water, it hits him like a lightening bolt and then the only thing he can think about is oxygen. Sadly, we don’t know what we have until we loose it. But it doesn’t have to be this way. When we contemplate in our existence and we work on being aware of it we will never take what we have for granted.
The same applies in our relationship with G-d. We know He exists, but that knowledge lies dormant in the back of our minds and we can live our entire lives completely unaffected by it.
Nevertheless one too can escape the natural unawareness of G-d’s existence via contemplation and thoughtful observation. The daily contemplation and awareness of G-d will help us change our very nature and in this way be able to live always with the knowledge of the presence of H”S in our lives.
(Likkutei Torah -Vaeschanan)

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