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In this week’s Parashah “Vayigash,” Yosef puts his brothers in a very uncomfortable position. They still don’t know that Yosef is their long lost brother, and he makes a scheme in which he orders to put his wine goblet in Benjamin’s, his little brother’s back pack.
He is doing all this to see his other brothers reactions and see if they had truly repented for what they had done to him twenty two years ago.
“And Yehudah approaches Yosef and he said: “please my master, allow your servant to speak in the ears of my master and do not become angry at your servant for you are like pharaoh.”(Bereshit 44:18)
The Torah here is teaching us speaking skills and what is the best way to influence someone.
First, it is important to speak to the other person with sincerity, when we speak from the bottom of our heart, our words have tremendous influence, force and power.
Secondly, make certain that the other person is receptive to what you have to say. A good way to begin this type of conversation could be: “If what I say makes sense, are you willing to change your mind?”
Communication skills and strategy are of outmost importance when dealing with others. It never ceases to amaze me how the Torah is able to contain so much information and teachings both in a spiritual level as in a practical day to day level.
Not for nothing it is called a “Tree of Life.”

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