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Tonight we light the fi …

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Tonight we light the fifth light of Chanukah.
In olden days, there were lanterns to illuminate the street. A lamplighter would go in the evening with a long torch from lamp to lamp and light the lamps, leaving a path of light behind him.
The Rebbe Rashab continued: “ a chassid goes forth with a long torch. He knows the fire isn’t his, but that his mission is to kindle all the lanterns.”
The questioner asked: “And what if the lantern is found in a desolate desert?” To which the Rebbe Rashab responded:”One must also go there and kindle the lantern, so that people know that it is a desolate place.”
The questioner persisted:”And if the lantern is far out in the sea?” And the Rebbe Rashab responded:”One has to remove his clothing, plunge into the water and kindle the lantern there.
When the questioner continued:”I don’t see any lamplighters,” the Rebbe Rashab responded:”This is because you are not a lamplighter.”
-Sefer HaSichos 5701,pg 136f
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