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Today,Nissan 27, is Yom …

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Today,Nissan 27, is Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). Today in Israel a siren sounds and the whole country stops whatever they are doing, even if they are driving the entire highway stops and for two minutes of silence the six million Jews, our fallen soldiers, and victims of terrorism are remembered in the most solemn way.
Also today we count the 12th day of the Omer with “Hod Shebe Gevura” (Humility in Discipline/Justice).
It is not a coincidence that this day of the Omer always falls the same day as Yom HaShoah. This is to remind us that the worst crimes and sins committed come out of arrogance, haughtiness and perverted Justice.
The Holocaust happened because some felt they were better than everyone else. I ask:”who are we to say someone is better than somebody else?” Their search for the perfect aryan race made them see others who didn’t fall into this category as not human and because of this they were able to implement the final solution.
Intolerance, prejudice, and self righteousness are very dangerous traits, we should always be vigilant to not fall into this way of thinking. “Hod Shebe Gevura” is the discipline of acknowledging the inherent good in everyone and if it comes to be that we have to judge someone we should always do it from a place of humility in which we don’t go by our own personal views but by H”S true teachings of what is right and what is wrong.
May we remember today and every day those heroes who gave their lives because of one reason and one reason only, because they were JEWISH let’s honor their memory by living our lives in the most authentic and JEWISH way.
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