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This week’s Parasha “Tazria” talks about “Tzaarat” often mistranslated as leprosy. Tzaarat was a spiritual malady that was manifested in the persons skin, garmets, furniture or walls of his home.
This sickness came because of “Lashon Hora” ( Negative Speech). The way in which it was treated in the times of the Temples ( since we are in a lower spiritual level, it doesn’t show now a days) was through the Kohen Gadol. Since he had an immense love towards everyone he was a spiritual Doctor. He would check the lesion first and confirm if it was Tzaaras or not. Then he would put the person or article affected quarantined for some time and then it would have to be immersed in the Mikvah to be pure again. During this time the person afflicted would have to meditate in his bad speech and work to correct it.
Imagine if today we would be affected with this malady, everyone would be quarantined. The way we speak creates our reality. Speech is a very powerful weapon. It can construct a person or it can destroy him.
Tomorrow I will give you the 10 habits of positive speech so we can start our spiritual cleansing before Pesach.
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