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Shavuah Tov!!! Wishing …

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Shavuah Tov!!! Wishing you a blessed and peaceful week.
The Rebbe always said that the Parasha of the week is living with the times. The significance of this portion is our Jewish horoscope for the week.
We begin the week with the Torah Portion of “Re’eih” (“Look! I am putting before you today blessings and curses” 11:26).
What G-d is telling us this week is that the world was created with cause and effect. If we follow the commandments we will be blessed, if not then the consequences are different. This sounds really scary, the reality is that no bad can come from H”S for He is all good. Even if we have to go through tough situations in reality they come from G-d’s Kindness so we can correct ourselves, look at it as an antibiotic.
My teacher Shimona taught that a good technique into seeing what is our reality is to look from the Eagles eye. To hover above ourselves. This is done by detaching ourselves from the emotions and looking at the situation from the outside, like an spectator and asking ourselves “What did I do to bring myself into this situation, what do I need to do to change it and most important of all What is G-d asking of me?”
It is always good to have a Mashpiah(good mentor) to help us in this process so we can come to the truth and in this way we will be able to see the blessings that were with us all the time.
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