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Shavuah Tov! Wishing ev …

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Shavuah Tov! Wishing everyone a blessed week in every way.
This week’s Parashah “Ki Teitze” opens up with the verse: “If you go out to war against your enemies”(Devarim 21:10)
If you look at the original Hebrew the word “against” really means to be “over or above.”
Although we could read and understand this verse in the literal level, there is a more mystical and deeper way to internalize it. What it’s really telling us is that we are in a constant battle throughout our life between our G-dly soul and our Animal soul and whoever is in a higher standing is the one who is going to be victorious.
If we are connected to our ego and animalistic nature this is the one who is going to rule us, if we are more connected to our higher self this is the one who is going to win. It is up to us to which we give precedence and this is a continuous battle that we have to fight.
When we become aware of this duality inside of us we will be better equipped to exercise our free will and choose who we want to rule.

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