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“And Yaakov sat… …

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“And Yaakov sat…”(Bereshit 37:1).
At the beginning of Parasha “Vayaishev” Yaakov settles in the Land of Chevron and basically wants to retire to live in peace and serenity. Sadly the opposite came to him and the saddest part of his life unfolded when Yosef his son was sold as a slave and his father was told that he had been eaten by an animal and had passed away.
Rabbi Yeruchem Levovitz explained that the purpose of this world is for a person to elevate himself by passing the numerous tests that come to us. The goal is spiritual growth from every life situation.
There is no such thing as serenity and rest in this world, maybe we can have a vacation now and then, but even the times in our life in which we feel at rest are only there to give us the energy we need so we can continue advancing and toiling in this world.
Ask yourself “what type of a person am I after this happened?How did I do in this test?Did I pass it in an elevated manner?”
To be able to achieve growth we need to remember and be aware of our opportunities, then we need to put our practice muscles to work on being elevated so when we come to the test we are already there.

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