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About Us

Margie Szerer

Hello and welcome to “livealittlehigher.com”. I was born and raised in Colombia. Eighteen years ago, my husband and I decided to move to the United States with our three daughters. We enrolled them in a Jewish day school, which stirred our Jewish soul, and little by little, we started growing in Torah and Mitzvot. For the past several years, I have been teaching seven different classes each week on the Weekly Parsha (Torah Portion), Shalom Bayit (Peace in the home), Rosh Chodesh (new month / moon), Living Happier, and many other topics. I recently decided to begin posting my short classes on these subjects every week here on livealittlehigher.com. My dream is to help every Jew live a better, happier, more meaningful life by learning a little Torah everyday, increasing in their Mitzvot, and to together build a proper dwelling for Hashem in our world!

Rabbi Roberto David Szerer

Hello and welcome again to “livealittlehigher.com”. My name is Rabbi Roberto David Szerer, or better known as Rabbi Papi. I am a serial entrepreneur with a love for business, but my true passion is serving Hashem the best I possibly can. I have had my hands in various industries ranging from apparel, plastics, e-commerce, big data, real estate, paper, and more, but my most cherished accomplishment is obtaining Smicha (Doctorate in Divinity) at the age of 50 from Rav Avrohom Tzvi Vozner and Rabbi Aryeh Citron. My love for Torah came through Chassidus; specifically through the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov, Baal Ha’Tanya, and Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l. My true claim to fame is being the husband of Margie Szerer. When she came up with the idea of “livingalittlehigher.com,” I knew I had to buckle up and just enjoy the ride. My goal is to contribute alongside Margie with short Shiurim in Chassidus and Halacha to help us all “live a little higher!”

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